Website Design Work Procedure

The following detailed description outlines how we will work with you to design and implement your new website:

1. Consultation
The first step is for you to provide us with a vision of what you want your site to encompass, either by email or phone. Be as descriptive as you can, outlining the general specifications of your business or project, desired look and feel of your new site (colors, images, layout, fonts, etc), and provide any examples of other sites whose design you admire. Once we have this information, we can provide you with a price quote and a projected time of completion.

2. Advance Payment
Once both parties are in agreement about the final price and allotted time frame, we will need an advance payment of 50%* before design work can begin. You can pay us through Paypal or by mailing a check.

3. Materials from You
Now it’s time for you to start sending us content via email. We will need whatever text, images, photos, fonts, and logos you want to appear on your site. If you don’t have a logo, we can design one for you. If you will be selling products from your site, we will need product names, photos, descriptions, and prices etc.

4. Demo Page
Within 5 business days of receiving your materials we will send you a link to view a mockup of the home page.

5. Revision Demo #1
Once you have reviewed this home page demo, email us a list of any changes you wish to make. If you aren’t entirely happy with the direction we are heading in, let us know and we will try a different approach.

6. Demo #2
Once we have made your requested changes, we will send you a link to view the revised demo. If you are still not satisfied, send us one more email list of changes and we will make a 3rd demo revision. It is crucial that you are satisfied with the look of the home page before we move on as it serves as a model for the rest of the site. Making design changes to the home page after we have moved on to the other pages will incur additional charges.

7. Demo Accepted
Once you are happy with the look of the home page, we will move on to building the other pages of your site. At this point, you should present us with any remaining content you will want on your site.

8. Final Content Review
Once we have added all the remaining content, we will send you a link to view the completed site. At this point you should carefully review the site and send us an email, either notifying us that you approve this as the completed site or wish to make some final changes. If you wish to make one last set of changes, please carefully review what you are sending us as this will be the last set of changes that can be made without incurring additional charges.

9. Final Approval
Once your project has been completed and you have confirmed this via email, we will need the remaining 50% of the agreed upon proposal fee to make the site “live.” Once we have received payment, the site will be live within 24 hours.



If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 615-289-8829.

*Just Ducky Designs will make every possible effort to complete a design to your satisfaction. You are under no obligation to pay the final payment until which time you are completely satisfied with your site. However; if you decide that you no longer wish to work with us before the site is complete, your 50% down payment is non-refundable.