Services Overview

Copyright: <a href=''>masterart / 123RF Stock Photo</a>Custom Website Design

Whether you need a basic website that simply lets the world know how to get in contact with you, or a more elaborate website with online shopping capabilities, we can design a site to meet your needs.

Our services include developing and implementing all elements on your website, from organizing your materials into a logical sequence, to graphic design, to getting you onto the web.

Your website's "look and feel" can be something we work on from scratch, or something based on ideas you have seen in other websites that you like.

Content Writing

Cat got your tongue? We can help. Content or Copy writing is one of the services we provide for those who can't or don't have the time. Just provide us with some basic info about your business, let us do some additional research and we will write the necessary content to complete your project.

eCommerce Sites

If your business has products to sell you must have an online shopping cart in order to compete in the high intensity market that has grown online in the last few years. We build sites that are ready to grow with your business.

Your e-commerce site can be as simple as just a few items with a simple PayPal payment option; or hundreds of inventory items with multiple payment options.

Let Just Ducky Design a WordPress site for you

Content Management Systems

A content management system is a software package that enables non-technical users to edit, update, and maintain their website content through an easy to use interface on their own computers at home or at work. The most popular CMS system is WordPress; we have extensive experience developing WordPress sites and also offer phone tutoring to get you or your staff up to speed; if needed.

Website Hosting - Domain Names - Email

Website files reside on special computers (known as "servers") that are hooked into the internet 24 hours a day. These servers are maintained by hosting companies. We can offer you reliable website hosting services that will keep your site online and accessible to the public at all times.

The website's domain name is what most people refer to as a "website address", such as "". Website domain names are registered through companies known as domain registrars. We can assist you in registering a domain name with the proper organization, and also help you choose a name that will help customers find your website more easily.

All of our custom websites, that are hosted with us, include up to 12 domain based ( email addresses. Confused about how to set up and retrieve your email? We can assist you in setting up your choice of email clients; such as Microsoft Outlook (a graphical tutorial is available upon request).


It's possible that you or your staff may have the capabilities to make updates to your website after it's finished, either utilizing a CMS or other software. If so, we are happy to show you how to do this. Or, if you prefer, we can take care of the updates to your site.